Slatwall panels


Slatwall panels are becoming an increasingly popular solution in interior design. They are easy to install and offer a cost-effective and quick way to transform a dull wall or ceiling into something exciting. These panels are available in three standard variations: acoustic, MDF-based, and moisture-resistant MDF-based (not waterproof :)). In addition to the standard options, panels can also be customized to fit your preferences, including thickness, width, length, and the option to tailor materials, veneers, colors, and more to your specific needs.

Slat wall panel with brown rib MDF, oak veneer on top.
Price 59 eur/square meter.

1. On special order, we produce slat panels with exactly the length and width you need. Maximum length - 3500mm

2. Wall panel Classic design based on MDF, length 2430mm or 2800mm x300mm with natural or oak veneer, tinted with Osmo oil stains at the price of 59 eur/m2.
3. EAN design based on MDF with natural, tinted Osmo oil stains or painted oak veneer 2800x600mm and 2430x600mm, m2 at 59eur/m2
4. Wall panel Classic design or EAN design on an acoustic basis, size 2500x600mm with natural, tinted Osmo oil stains or painted oak veneer at the price of 59 eur/m2 

A discount of 15% applies starting from an order of 15m2

Three-sided veneered slatwall panel:

As a new addition, we are offering a slatwall panel where all visible sides of the ribs are veneered with oak. This panel can be ordered with either an MDF or acoustic base.

For acoustic panels, the dimensions are 2500mm in length and 600mm in width.

For MDF-based panels, the dimensions are either 2430mm or 2780mm in length and 300mm in width.

The rib width is 28mm, and the gap between the ribs is 22mm.

Price: 89€/m2.

Moisture-resistant panel:

Panel with a length of 2800 mm, width of 300 mm, thickness of 20 mm, rib thickness of 14 mm, rib width of 28 mm, rib spacing of 22 mm, and a moisture-resistant MDF base of 6 mm. Rib material: black moisture-resistant MDF, overlaid with natural tone, stained, or painted oak veneer. Custom orders are also available with panels veneered in other wood species or ALPI design veneers. Price: 89€/m2.


Custom orders allow you to request panels or wall-ceiling decor exactly as needed, with only your imagination and material availability as the limits. Our local wood material supplier maintains an inventory of approximately 30 different types of carpentry wood and around 100 different veneers, including approximately 100 different ALPI design veneers. Additionally, we collaborate with suppliers of LED solutions, offering a wide selection of popular lighting options. Equipped with the necessary woodworking machinery, veneer presses, and expertise in woodworking, we can provide solutions that satisfy even the most demanding clients.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Our consultant will be happy to assist. :)